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Welcome to Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove, where we offer transformative Workshops dedicated to fostering mental health destigmatization and promoting autism acceptance. In our workshops, we aim to create a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore important topics that are often misunderstood or overlooked.

Our first workshop seminar focuses on mental health destigmatization. We passionately believe that it's okay to not be okay and that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Together, we delve into discussions surrounding the importance of recognizing and accepting our own mental well-being, while also learning how to support others who may be struggling.

Additionally, we have a workshop dedicated to autism acceptance. Our aim is to inform and change misconceptions surrounding autism by shedding light on the fact that many individuals with autism not only thrive but bring unique perspectives to the world. Through engaging discussions and enlightening activities, we encourage participants to view autism as a celebration of diversity rather than something to be feared or shamed.

Join us at Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove and embark on a journey of understanding, compassion, and acceptance. Together, we can create a more inclusive and enlightened society.

Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove Services

Services Offered via Zoom

Mental Health Awareness Workshops

We invite you to join us for an enlightening and empowering mental health workshop, where we will explore the journey of self-discovery and find solace in the understanding that it is okay to not be okay. In this safe and supportive space, we aim to encourage open discussions about mental health and foster a sense of community that embraces vulnerability.

During the workshop, we will address the misconceptions surrounding therapy and emphasize its significance as a positive step towards healing. By shedding light on the common stigma associated with mental health, we intend to dismantle the barriers that prevent individuals from seeking the help they deserve.

Moreover, we are thrilled to offer an option for a guest speaker, who will provide invaluable insights into their own personal experiences and expertise in the field. Together, we will explore what it means to be fully aware of oneself and how this awareness can lead to growth, acceptance, and resilience.

Join us as we embark on a transformative journey towards understanding mental health, challenging societal stigmas, and creating a world where everyone feels free to seek the help and support they need. Let us venture into Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove as we illuminate the path toward wellbeing and self-discovery.

Autism Acceptance Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about autism and how to dismantle the stigma surrounding it?

Join us for an enlightening autism workshop that aims to foster understanding and acceptance in our community. This workshop will be held via Zoom, allowing participants to engage in meaningful discussions from the comfort of their own homes. During this workshop, we will delve into important topics such as breaking down stereotypes and overcoming fear associated with autism.

Our knowledgeable speakers will emphasize the diversity within the autism community, celebrating the unique strengths and talents that individuals with autism possess. We will also explore the stories of famous people who have autism, highlighting how their neurodiversity has contributed to their success and achievements.

We are thrilled to offer the option of a guest speaker, who will share their personal experiences and insights into living with autism. Their voice will provide a unique perspective and inspire attendees to challenge outdated beliefs surrounding autism.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and contribute to a more inclusive and accepting society. Register now and be part of the change!

ONLINE Speaking Events

Join us for a captivating speaking event seminar as we delve into the enchanting world of Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove Founding. Immerse yourself in the fascinating journey of our founder, as they share their inspiring tale. Learn about the origin of the Tiny Dragons and the creative spark that ignited their creation. Discover the passion, determination, and perseverance that fueled our inception.

During this insightful seminar, our founder will divulge the secrets to our success and shed light on the evolution of our treasure trove. Unveil the stories and experiences that have shaped our brand and understand how our unofficial slogan, "We tell our stories, we offer our treasures, together we inspire dreamers," encapsulates our mission.

Prepare to be inspired as we share our entrepreneurial journey and reveal our vision for the future. Explore the infinite possibilities that lie ahead and gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative adventure with Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove Founding.

Guest Podcast Member

Our founder, David Donaldson is the perfect choice for a podcast guest. With his unique combination of wit, charm, and delightful personality, he is sure to captivate your audience from start to finish.

But that's not all there is to David. His diverse background in Philosophy, Physical Sciences, Religion, Linguistics, and Anthropology gives him a broad perspective on life and allows him to offer insightful and thought-provoking commentary on a wide range of topics.

David's journey from being a laborer for his grandfather's small business to an exhibit guide at the Baltimore National Aquarium, a night shift manager at a convenience store, and a patient safety attendant at a local hospital showcases his determination and adaptability.

Moreover, David's recent venture as an entrepreneur with his company, Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove, and his passion for writing short children's books to support autism and mental health awareness highlights his commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Having witnessed the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic firsthand, David's desire to raise awareness about the increasing mental health crisis and advocate for those with autism and mental health issues makes him an incredibly relevant and timely guest.

By inviting David to your podcast, you'll be giving him a platform to share his experiences, insights, and solutions, making a significant impact on your listeners and promoting positive change within society.


In Person Live Seminars

Join us for an unforgettable experience at our live speaking events, where you can immerse yourself in the magical world of Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove. Discover the fascinating journey of how it all began, as we delve into the research that fuels our captivating books. Our mission and goals are at the heart of our stories, and we can't wait to share them with you.

In these challenging times, our dragon plush toys symbolize bravery and resilience. Let us take you on a voyage of exploration, as we unlock the secrets of what it truly means to be a Tiny Dragon. You'll witness firsthand the love and care poured into each and every character, as we uncover the heartfelt stories behind them.

Please bear in mind that our live speaking events are only available locally and subject to scheduling availability. To ensure a seamless experience, a formal contract will be provided, specifying the expected length and content of the speech. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your imagination and embark on an enchanting adventure with us at our live speaking events.