About Us

Tiny Dragon’s Treasure Trove, is an online-based retail toy business committed to supporting children's mental health and autism spectrum disorder acceptance. In order to further this commitment, we provide essential stress-relieving toys that can be treasured for years to come. We believe in supporting local communities and hospitals by contractually hiring individuals with autism, working with groups that provide resources for neurodivergent children, and donating our books and toys to local hospitals. Our founder personally writes each and every one of our stories for individuals at all reading levels through the use of dyslexic-friendly fonts. Each story character has autism and features their own personal collection. We believe this gives autistic characters representation in our stories, furthering our commitment to autism acceptance.



What makes you different from other e-commerce sites?

We care about our community not just our bottom line. We pride ourselves on donating toys to bring joy to children in local hospitals suffering mental health crisis. We analyze the other stores that sell you toys and offer a deal we think is fair in order to keep providing assistance to local pediatric emergency rooms. We aren't heroes and we aren't going to change the world over night, but we believe in destigmatizing mental health issues, bringing awareness to undiagnosed autism and ADHD conditions as well as several other mental health conditions that go undiagnosed. We encourage a dialogue between you and your family to discuss what makes you feel the way you do and how you can express those feelings in a healthy or constructive way. Through the power of play we want to bring families together and make our mission clear. If you support our mission consider supporting us with a like or a follow on social media. It costs nothing and sharing our mission could help someone you know. Thank you for your support!

What is Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove doing to support the autism and spectrum disorder community?

We believe autism and spectrum disorders are too often misdiagnosed or disregarded entirely. Children and adults with spectrum disorders can live happy successful lives and provide our communities with a unique prospective never considered before. Autism is not a monolith, not every person is the same and not every person feels accepted or knows where to turn when they feel isolated. We want to connect people of all walks of life with resources and representative within the autistic and neuro-divergent community who can inspire and ignite passions in those who can relate with their struggles.

How can I get involved and help further Tiny Dragon's mission of awareness?

We love that you want to help! One way you can help is donating your time to your local hospital. Some hospitals have volunteers who play games with children facing mental health crisis or struggling with anxiety or behavioral problems. Donating your time is one great way to help give back, another way could be through supporting an awareness charity or YouTube channel like our friends @Tostemac. Together we can de-stigmatize mental health and make it socially apropriate to talk about our thoughts, feelings and concerns. If this Pandemic has taught us one thing it's that we can take those we love for granted.

Why is everything I see on your site "ON Sale"?

We figure why not? Times are tough and we look around at our competitors and think, "We can do better!" Our mission isn't to sell you something, our mission is to bring people together through the joy of play and open dialogue between you and your family about mental health concerns and discuss feelings. Call us sentamental, but while working in the mental health field our owner has seen and known too many families touched by mental health crisis that could have otherwise been avoided if someone took the time to listen. Won't you take that time over a board game, a play session or over a meal. It's never too late to talk to the ones you love about how they feel.