FAQs About Tiny Dragons Treasure Trove LLC


What makes you different from other e-commerce sites?

Our mission is to give back through supporting local/national awareness groups, local hospital pediatric units, and individuals through the donation of volunteer time, educational packets and toys. We plan to do more to further this mission no matter how long it might take. We might not be as large as other sites but what we lack in size we make up for with our big picture goals.


What is Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove doing to support the autism and spectrum disorder community?

While employed full time for an Annapolis Maryland hospital our proprietor works with both children and adults suffering from mental illness crises. They also plan to consistently donate 3D Printed toys to the Pediatric Emergency Department.


How can I get involved and help further Tiny Dragon's mission of awareness?

We love that you want to help! One way you can help is donating your time to your local hospital. Some hospitals have volunteers who play games with children battling mental health issue or struggling with anxiety. Donating your time is one great way to help give back, another way could be through supporting an awareness charity or YouTube channel like our friends @Tostemac.