Get to Know Our Team

We wanted to take the time to introduce each of our team members, each one of them is critical to our mission and we wish to thank and recognize them. We have asked each team member who wishes to participate in this page to write a short bio about themselves so that you can get to know them better. We ask that you please be respectful of their privacy because some choose to go by an alias or for either safety reasons or personal reasons. We appreciate them all the same no matter how they identify or what name they wish to go by. Thank you!

David Donaldson

David is our company owner and founder, if you have a question he's most likely to answer. David attended AACC and then UMBC where he acquired an Associates Transfer Degree Majoring in Philosophy and then later a Bachelors Majoring in Applied Linguistics and Minoring in Religious Anthropology. David enjoys playing Magic the Gathering, writing, cooking and playing video games. You can often find him doing side projects on his days off whether it be modifying a game console or designing a new character or product.

Kayla Roecklein

Hi my name is Kayla! I am David's personal assistant and I manage the art department here at tiny dragons treasure trove. My preferred pronouns are they/them and I love working with the team on the social media pages! I do my best to provide the best feedback as possible for the products we sell and my favorite off work thing to do is play video games!


Geekray is our illustrator and main artist. David met Geekray on and has been working with them ever since. Geekray is our most prolific artist with most of their work being featured on posters, flyers and merchandise. Geekray has also been known to do side commissions so if you're looking for an amazing friendly artist you can find Geekray on Fiverr!

Find Geekray on Fiverr

Mystic (Anonymous Artist 1)

Mystic is a freelance artist contracted by TDTT to do various banners, social media post images and assist in writing product descriptions. Mystic also designed our latest logo and our Facebook banner. If you would like to reach out to Mystic and contract her for your own artistic commissions you can reach her website via the link bellow.

Mystic's Commission Website