Our Trading Card Game

Calling all adventurers! Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove Trading Card Game is here to take you on a journey like no other. This tabletop RPG themed game is not just about strategy and skill, but also about personal growth and development. Through gameplay, children will learn important life lessons such as independence, communication, self-control, and positive reinforcement. Gather your friends and test your abilities to lead your friend cards through challenging obstacles. Whether you opt for healthy competition or cooperative gameplay, Tiny Dragon's Treasure Trove Trading Card Game offers a thrilling experience for all. Join us in supporting neurodivergent children and promoting a positive play environment with this exciting game!


Our recommendations before starting:

Purchase a game mat and at least 2 booster packs per player. And one game playmat.

Each Booster pack holds 1 character card, 10 friend cards and 6 obstacle cards.

Starter packs will be available for new players and early adopters of our game. But bellow are some of the basics.

Choose Your Character

Promote creativity and self expression by choosing your own character and allocating points to your character based off our character sheet questions. Complete this question sheet with a friend or by yourself and then let the adventure begin!

Answer Questions to Assign Character Points

By answering questions and rewarding points for creativity and healthy choices you can design your own character. And then draw your character on your character card and assign points to the various values. Remember not to exceed 15 points in any one category of points.

Choose Your Friends!

Choose your friend cards wisely, only certain Tiny Dragons can solve special obstacles.

Inspirational Friends inspire you to move forward or pull you back from danger. They move your main character forward and back on the board.

Supportive Friends are always by your side and move you side to side across the board.

Leader Friends lead you through various opsticals with your INDEP points and various talents.

Life is Full Of Obstacles

Plan accordingly what obstacles you set forth on the board in front of your opponent. Each Obstacle can only be solved once by each player. If you solve your opponents obstacle card you can pick it up and set it down in front of them to solve. Choose your obstacles wisely because you might have to solve them yourself.

Rely On Your Friends

Each friend has their own unique skills that allow them to solve various obstacles. You can't plan for everything but you can always lay down more friends better equipped to solve obstacles if you have them. But the more friends on the board the more friends you have to cross the finish line with you.

Purchase Talents

Using your Independence points you can purchase new talents or use the INDEP points of your friends to purchase new talents. Once depleted you can not recover INDEP points you can only borrow the points of your Leader Friends.


Please CLICK the button below to view our full list of rules and regulations and reach out to us via email to request your free play-tester starter pack to be part of our BETA test group.

email us: TinyDragonsTreasureTrove@gmail.com